Sustainable Energy Transition Strategy and PolicyThe Strategy and Policy Ministerial Dialogue will bring together thought-leaders and decision makers from responsible ministries which can assess the sustainable energy transition opportunities and the development of renewable energy political settings that influence their national and regional trajectories through the implementation of guiding policy principles and targets.

Demand Management, Supply Diversification and Energy EfficiencyRenewable Energy (RE) & Energy Efficiency (EE) Dialogue will reveal the current and future project development roadmaps of projects from around the world and the discusses the implementation challenges facing the contribution of RE & EE to the supply of sustainable energy solutions as manufactures, marketers, installers, developers and operators of these solutions.

Technology Development & DeploymentThe Technology Development Dialogue will identify technical up-scaling renewable generation resources and the impacts of implementing new RE & EE technologies in a medium to long terms actions plans. The sessions will also address the most realistic and accelerated technology roadmaps, smart buildings, cities and electrical grid connections development scenarios.

Energy Governance & Climate ChangeThe Energy Governance & Climate Change Dialogue will convene experts and decision makers from responsible implementing agencies of RE & EE that understand the policy sphere and the detailed regulatory, local legislative and institutional frameworks. The sessions will also address the techno-economic rout for the timely, efficient integration of renewable resources into power systems to reduce carbon emissions.

Financial and Investment SupportThe Financial and Investment Support Dialogue will identify government and private sectors capital venture and investment opportunities in renewable energy industry; development of bankable projects to finance mechanisms of supply chain operation and maintenance services. The sessions will also include the role of PPP, IPP, SMEs and Public Project Fund Schemes (PPFS) within the industry.

Regional and International Cooperation, and Knowledge ExchangeThe Regional and International Cooperation Dialogue will bring together investors, system developers and academia collaborators with an interest in accelerating training, technical transfer, innovation, R&D and public outreach partnership programs.


The conference programme is developed by a dedicated committee of global experts and will be led by Ministers of Energy from across the MENA region together with insight from industry leaders.

Experienced senior expert speakers will give presentations, followed by expert panel discussions opened to the wider audience. Speakers are expected to provide analytical notes in advance, drawn from their own expertise and respective mandate of the session. Minister or expert moderators will guide panel discussions over the course of the agenda for each of the track sessions.

Topical workshops in track sessions parallel to the main event may be organized as appropriate and a conference exhibition organized separately bringing together national, international institutions and private companies working in the field of renewable energy application and investment agendas.

MENAREC 6 is held under the theme ‘Renewable Innovations Towards Sustainable Energy’ and the key objectives of will be to:

  • Promote renewable energy as an essential and strategic part of the  energy-mix for all countries
  • Highlight the growing investment opportunities required through the  Middle East and North Africa region
  • Promote and strengthen regional partnerships on renewable energy development
  • Foster the development of the most promising renewable energy  technologies
  • Promote and examine the national renewable energy programmes of  countries through the MENA region; identify the challenges and help  to search for potential solutions

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